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A gymnasium swimming pool plan


What should be paid attention to in the design of swimming pool scheme?

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Design Features

  • Circulation method

    Using a counter-current water circulation system, the pump sends the used pool water into the filter to remove particulate impurities in the pool water, and then returns it to the pool after subsequent disinfection and other processes.

  • Temperature & humidity 

    The indoor swimming pool is a high-humidity environment, condensation and other phenomena. Bacteria, molds, and viruses will multiply, which will have a serious impact on the human body and the structure of the house. Special attention will be paid to dehumidification during the design.

  • Shower water

    In addition to hosting events, the gymnasium is also an external commercial public swimming pool. The hot water demand time is concentrated. During peak use, it must have sufficient hot water and stable water temperature, which will directly affect the image and reputation.

  • Water cleaning

    After the swimming pool is used for a long time, when the bottom and wall of the pool will grow algae, and the water circulation filtration system cannot remove the garbage, manual or automatic suction equipment is required to clean it.

User preferred plan

At present, the operation of the gymnasium swimming pool can fully meet the basic requirements. The swimming pool is kept in a comfortable water environment, and customers can enter the swimming pool at any time.

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