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Kiyea company helps middle-aged and elderly people improve their physical fitness

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    In the blink of an eye, it is autumn and winter, the temperature drops sharply, and the elderly with poor physical fitness, how to improve their physical fitness and enhance their resistance? Swimming is a good choice.

  Compared with other sports, swimming can be said to be the most suitable exercise for the elderly. The bones of the elderly are relatively stiff and the joints are inconvenient to move. When they engage in land sports such as running and playing ball, they are likely to cause physical injury. Relying on the buoyancy of water, swimming can reduce the impact on each joint, thereby greatly reducing knee and waist injuries.

Swimming pool water treatment

  In addition, insisting on swimming can make the middle-aged and elderly people have stronger myocardial contractility, slow down the heart rate at rest, increase stroke volume, thicken blood vessel walls, increase elasticity, and promote health. Cardiovascular System. And in the process of swimming, the body will resist the resistance of water, have the effect of losing weight and maintaining body shape, which is beneficial to control blood pressure, blood lipids, blood sugar and so on.

  But now it has entered the deep autumn season, the outdoor water temperature has dropped, and the elderly should choose an indoor constant temperature swimming pool when swimming. At present, through the use of swimming pool heating equipment, the constant temperature swimming pool can keep the water temperature at 26-28°C throughout the year, free from the influence of seasonal and weather changes, and get rid of swimming restrictions. Affected by external weather conditions.

  According to the technical staff of the kiyea company, a professional swimming pool water treatment equipment company, the current air source swimming pool heat pump is the most popular swimming pool constant temperature equipment. The air source heat pump can absorb the heat in the air and input a small amount of electric energy to generate a large amount of heat energy. It is a relatively energy-saving and environmentally friendly swimming pool heating method with small temperature fluctuations, which is very suitable for elderly people.

  Water quality issues are also a major factor affecting the swimming experience of the elderly. For water purification, the kiyea company system is also specially equipped with purification equipment. The professional swimming pool water pump adopts an innovative design inside, has a large self-priming force, and an ultra-quiet design, which can efficiently circulate and purify without causing noise to swimmers.


  The deep sand tank adopts an ergonomically designed six-way valve with excellent filtering capacity. The tank body is wound with anti-ultraviolet glass fiber, which is more durable.

  The wall-mounted integrated filtration equipment integrates turbocharged jet massage nozzles, underwater lights, and disinfection filtration systems, which can save a lot of construction costs and can excellently solve water quality problems.

  At present, the full set of swimming pool water treatment equipment created by kiyea company has been widely used in various swimming pool projects such as stadiums and gymnasiums, so that the swimming pool can operate comfortably throughout the season and provide middle-aged and elderly swimming enthusiasts with a healthier and more comfortable environment. . Swimming experience.

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