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Frost is coming, let’s move to a heated swimming pool with complete pool water treatment equipment

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Frost is about to fall, is it suitable for swimming now? "

    For many swimming enthusiasts, swimming is a sport that only belongs to summer. As the season turns into late autumn, many swimming enthusiasts can only "look at the pool and sigh". In fact, it is only the outdoor heated swimming pool that is affected by the season, and this type of swimming pool is usually only open in summer. And the indoor swimming pool equipped with swimming pool thermostatic heat pump and other swimming pool water treatment equipment can completely get rid of the shackles of temperature and realize constant temperature swimming throughout the year.


    In order to operate in autumn or winter, controlling the temperature of the pool water is the most important. It is necessary to install swimming pool water heating equipment to raise the water temperature to 26°C-28°C. For example, the swimming pool of Jinan Ledong Fitness Club is equipped with Aike air source swimming pool constant temperature heat pump equipment provided by kiyea company.

    According to the person in charge of the kiyea company, the air source swimming pool heat pump is a new type of equipment integrating environmental protection, energy saving and comfort. It uses the principle of heat pump technology to transport free heat energy in the air to the water to achieve the purpose of heating cold water and producing hot water. According to professional testing, the maximum thermal efficiency of AICA's air source swimming pool constant temperature heat pump can reach 590%, and the annual average thermal efficiency can reach 480%.

In order to ensure a constant water temperature, AICA air source swimming pool constant temperature heat pump adopts intelligent control technology and dynamically detects user load based on fuzzy control principles. After the express reaches the set temperature, it maintains the dynamic matching of the load. The swimmers in the pool feel almost imperceptible. Water temperature changes.

     For indoor constant temperature swimming pools, the indoor environment is relatively closed compared to the outdoor environment. There is no air circulation. The pool water is more likely to breed bacteria and affect the health of swimmers. It is necessary to install high-efficiency swimming pool water treatment equipment. For this reason, Jinan Ledong Fitness Club The swimming pool is also equipped with AQUA pumps and Aike sand tanks owned by the kiyea company.

    The pump provides power to push the pool water to continuously flow between closed pipes, other swimming pool water treatment equipment and the swimming pool. Its function is to remove debris in the water through the filter equipment in the system to reduce the breeding of bacteria in the swimming pool and ensure the efficient replacement of pool water. The sand tank can effectively intercept the dirt in the swimming pool and make the swimming pool visible and clean. The Aike water pump is highly sealed to prevent water leakage, with large flow and low noise. The 316 stainless steel shaft is of high quality. Aike's glass fiber filter sand tank has high strength and simple installation, which can effectively filter impurities in the pool and keep the pool water clean and healthy.

    The person in charge of the kiyea company said that at present, high-quality swimming pool water treatment equipment is already standard for indoor constant temperature swimming pools, and the market prospects are broad. Next, AQUA will continue to polish high-quality swimming pool water treatment equipment to help swimming pools everywhere to achieve four-season operation and comfortable upgrades.

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