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The new three-in-one constant temperature dehumidification heat pump for swimming pool without outdoor unit

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    Committed to promoting the development of swimming pool water treatment equipment, technological innovation is the purpose that our Guangzhou Chiba Company has always adhered to. On the road of innovation, our footsteps have never stopped. Recently, our company has launched a new generation of three-in-one constant temperature dehumidification heat pump for swimming pools. Compared with the old dehumidification heat pump, is there anything special about it? Let's take a look!

    The 2021 new AQUA three-in-one constant temperature dehumidification heat pump is an integrated intelligence that integrates swimming pool dehumidification, pool water constant temperature, indoor constant temperature, intelligent fresh air and other functions without installing an outdoor unit, and combines with SIEMENS (Siemens) intelligent POL controllers. Control equipment, intelligent real-time monitoring of indoor air quality to achieve intelligent fresh air control and transitional season air change control, the relative humidity of the indoor swimming pool is accurately controlled at 50~75%. Under the condition that the project is assisted by cold and heat sources, the air temperature is controlled at 27~30°C, and the water temperature is controlled at 26~32°C to maintain a high-quality indoor comfortable environment for the human body. There is no need to install an outdoor unit, which not only saves space costs, but the integrated intelligent control also saves personnel costs. It is very suitable for new and renovated indoor swimming pool projects such as gym swimming pools, private swimming pools, high-end club swimming pools, and hotel swimming pools.


Easy to install: no need to install an outdoor unit, connect the air duct, and you can enjoy dryness and comfort after power on;

Compact structure: The overall area of the machine room is small, and the layout of the equipment room is flexible and changeable;
Powerful performance: equipped with international famous compressors, superior performance and low noise;
Simple operation: SIEMENS (Siemens) POL controller, stable performance, good man-machine interface, comes with RS-485 Modbus communication protocol to easily connect to the building monitoring system;
One machine with multiple functions: including constant temperature and humidity, constant temperature heat recovery of pool water, fresh air system, intelligent automatic switching mode, always ensuring a comfortable environment for the swimming pool.

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