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The Olympic swimming competition caused collective vomiting?

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Recently, the various events of the Tokyo Olympics are in full swing, and China's success as a sports power is spreading frequently! Yesterday, Chinese swimmer Zhang Yufei broke the Olympic record with a time of 2:03.86 in the women's 200m butterfly final in the Olympic Games, and won the first gold medal on behalf of the Chinese swimming team. However, in addition to the fierce competition, Japan's water quality issues have once again aroused the world's attention. In the triathlon competition of the Tokyo Olympics, many athletes chose to abandon the competition due to the dirty and unpleasant waters of Tokyo Bay and the excessive bacteria.

As we all know, whether the water quality meets the standard is very important for swimmers. The quality of water directly determines the health and comfort of swimmers. If you swim in an unqualified pool for a long time, it may cause skin diseases, ear inflammation, and digestive tract infections, which will seriously endanger your health. Therefore, swimming training and competition places should be paid more attention to. Professional swimming pool water treatment equipment can be selected to purify the water quality and improve the swimming pool environment. As a professional supplier of swimming pool water treatment equipment, Guangzhou Qianye Water Equipment has accumulated deep production and R&D experience after more than 25 years of development, and has launched many trustworthy high-quality products in response to user needs in a timely manner. Its circulating filtration and disinfection Swimming pool water treatment equipment such as cleaning, constant temperature heating, dehumidification and refrigeration is not only of high quality, but also very cost-effective.


In terms of disinfection and sterilization, kiyea company's AQUA medium-pressure ultraviolet sterilizer performed very well. It adopts medium-pressure ultraviolet physical disinfection technology, which not only sterilizes quickly and does not cause secondary pollution of water quality, but also effectively controls the concentration of chloramines, which comprehensively protects the health of swimmers. The output wavelength of the high-intensity ultraviolet lamp tube of the AQUA medium-voltage external line sterilizer is between 200nm and 400nm. It has an effective killing effect on most known bacteria, and can basically meet the sterilization needs of low-load and slightly polluted water bodies such as swimming pools. Moreover, it has built-in multiple protection systems, including lamp failure alarm, system failure alarm, water flow start protection, system overheating protection, real-time monitoring of working current, etc., making the operation more stable and safe. It is also easy to use in operation, which facilitates the later maintenance and management of the staff. The appearance design is magnificent and beautiful, and it occupies a small area and is easy to install. It is an ideal choice for swimming pool disinfection.

While disinfecting and cleaning, you can also install AICA networked water quality monitors for your swimming pools. Use this intelligent water quality monitoring system to monitor the swimming pool water environment in real time, and to know the ORP and PH values of swimming pool and SPA pool water in time. After networking, the computer can be displayed in full screen or through a third party to realize the screen projection, and the management is more intelligent and intuitive.