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How to choose a suitable pool suction machine?

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After May 1st, as the national temperature gradually increased, many swimming pools opened one after another. Swimming pool operators began to have a headache about how to clean the swimming pool quickly and conveniently. In particular, some swimming pools with a relatively large flow of people had a large degree of water damage and the bottom of the swimming pool. There are also many more debris and sediments. The swimming pool must be treated every day. If it is not cleaned in time, it will cause pollution of the pool sediment and even affect the normal business in the future. So choose a swimming pool that suits you. The suction machine is very important.

When purchasing a swimming pool suction machine, you can consider the three aspects of its own swimming pool suction type, pool size, and special requirements.
01Select the suction machine according to the type of suction
Swimming pool sewage suction machines can generally be divided into manual suction machines and automatic suction machines.
1. Manual dirt suction machine: Put the dirt suction pan in the water when in use, and people will suck dirt on the shore. The price is affordable and the pollution absorption effect is good. Although the operation is time-consuming and laborious, it has the advantage of flexible use and can be used for manual and purposeful partial suction. In addition, after the swimming pool uses the flocculant, it is best to use a manual suction machine to suck away the sediment.

2. Fully automatic sewage suction machine: when working, the water flow is sucked from the bottom of the sewage suction machine and filtered internally to leave the sucked dirt in the filter bag. At the same time, the filtered water flows out of the sewage suction machine. No need to drain the pool water out of the pool, you can complete the daily sewage suction and water quality maintenance. There is no need for manual supervision during the sewage suction period, and the operation can be automatically started by setting the suction time. It has the characteristics of small size, light weight, no manual supervision, simple and efficient.