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Experts know that pool filter selection and practical operating skills

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If the swimming pool pump is the heart of the swimming pool water treatment system and provides continuous power, then the swimming pool sand tank is the lung of the swimming pool water treatment system, filtering impurities and returning you clean! Based on the kiyea company's 25 years of experience, some experience in the selection and use of swimming pool sand tanks will be shared with everyone.


(AQUA series swimming pool filter↑)

1. Selection of sand tanks for swimming pools. We often encounter customer consultations. What size sand tanks should I use for my swimming pool? Generally speaking, the size and number of sand tanks used in the swimming pool are determined by the swimming pool size and cycle time. The specific calculation method is as follows:
Pool water capacity V = length X width X average depth
Circulation flow Q=pool water capacity X1.05÷circulation period 4h
Note: The swimming pool cycle is 4 hours.
For example, if a swimming pool is 25m long, 16m wide, and an average depth of 1.4m, the water volume of the pool is 25mX16mX1.4m=560m³, and the filtration cycle is once every 4 hours, and the circulating flow rate is 560m³X1.05÷4h=147m³/h.
The circulating flow rate of the swimming pool is 147m³/h, then the medium-speed filtration (25m/h) is calculated. According to the actual needs, four sand tanks with a diameter of 1400 can be selected for filtration (unit: mm).
(AQUA side swimming pool filter sand tank ↑) Note: The filtration rate is the amount of water filtered per unit of filtration area in a unit of time. In order to standardize the filtration speed of the filter and facilitate the design and selection, when the filtration speed v≤10m/h, it is called low-speed filtration; when the filtration speed is 11-30m/h, it is called medium-speed filtration; the filtration speed is 31-50m/h When it is called high-speed filtration.
Practice has proved that: the filtering speed is within the range of 10-25m/h, and the filtering effect and the pressure loss of the filter are proportional to the filtering speed. If the filtration speed exceeds 25m/h, the filtration efficiency will decrease quickly, that is, as the filtration speed increases, the quality of the effluent after filtration will continue to deteriorate. Therefore, in order to ensure that the filtered water quality meets the requirements of sanitation, health and clarity, the filtration speed of public swimming pools should be ≤25m/h.

2. Sand cylinder head and multi-function valve. The Chinese translation or usage of the function of AQUA Exa cylinder head and six-position valve has always been one of the hottest questions. How to install the several interfaces on the sand tank head? There is a simple and easy-to-understand slogan: top in and bottom out side drainage, the meaning is very straightforward, the icon:


The function and operation method of the six positions of the filter multi-directional valve:
Press down the handle on the cylinder head controller and push it to (FILTER) for normal filtration, then start the swimming pool pump, and filter normally.
The sand in the sand tank constitutes thousands of water passages, and various impurities are filtered and left in the filter. As the impurities increase, the water passages gradually decrease. This is why the pressure can reach more than 30 kilopascals (kpa). Under this pressure, the sand tank cannot play any filtering function. It must be cleaned as follows: turn off the water pump, open the multi-directional valve to the "backwash" position, and open the bottom discharge and loop valves. Start the water pump for about 3 minutes. When the operation is completed, the agglomerated impurities will be removed.
In this position, multiple valves control the water flow from the pool pump directly to the pool water without passing the water flow through the filter.
If the pool water needs to be drained, a filter water pump can be used. To this end, the multi-valve must be placed in the WAST drain position. When the motor is running, the drain valve must be fully opened so that the water pump can fully absorb water.
5. RINSE rinse
After the filter is backwashed by BACKWASH, if the multiple valves are returned to the normal filtering position of the FILTER, the water flow will be turbid for a few seconds. To prevent muddy water from entering the pool, the multiple valves must be placed in RINSE for rinsing s position.
This position is used to close the water flow from the filter to the swimming pool water pump and is used when opening the hair collector of the water pump.