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The "Three Preventions" of the Design and Planning of the Swimming Pool Equipment Room

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Since the establishment of kiyea company in 1997, the swimming pool water treatment equipment sold has been involved in the construction of large and small swimming pools. We are well aware of the fact that the operation of a swimming pool is stable and safe. In addition to the complete equipment of the swimming pool, the quality of the equipment itself is excellent. In addition, a dry and tidy computer room environment is also very important. For this reason, we briefly summarized the three protections in the design and planning of the swimming pool water treatment equipment room: waterproof, moisture-proof, dust-proof, and heat-proof.

Waterproof and moisture-proof: The swimming pool circulating water pumps, sterilizers, heaters and other swimming pool equipment in the swimming pool computer room should be prevented from being soaked, causing the machine circuit to be broken and burned. Therefore, drainage measures such as preventing water accumulation should be taken in the computer room.


Dust-proof: There will be control circuit boards in the swimming pool equipment room. If the dust is too large, the dust will be adsorbed on the circuit board due to the effect of static electricity. Mold breakage of the wire and the mold break of the daily printed wire will occur in the very thin signal line and the through hole of the multi-layer circuit board. In severe cases, it may even cause the metal pin to rust and break, resulting in a control failure.


Heat protection: Most of the equipment has certain requirements for the ambient temperature, such as the swimming pool constant temperature heat pump, because the machine itself will generate heat, heat dissipation must be considered in the design, and the surrounding environment of the machine must be ventilated to prevent the equipment from overheating and damage Electronic component.


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