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Appreciation of AQUA ALB swimming pool water pump project case!

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In February 2019, kiyea introduced a new generation of swimming pool pumps for industry reform and innovation: ALB series 5.5HP~15HP/1450 rpm swimming pool pumps. After third-party testing, ALB pumps can be used for high temperature water at 70°C without any problems. Anti-high pressure, anti-corrosion, anti-icing burst function, 1450 rpm, large flow, ultra-quiet and other characteristics, can replace cast iron pumps, especially suitable for anti-corrosion and high temperature requirements in aquariums, hot spring spas, swimming pools, water parks, etc. place.

Since its launch in February, AQUA ALB swimming pool pumps have participated in the construction of many swimming pool water treatment projects, large and small. kiyea will take a look at some engineering cases with you.

Sichuan Aviation University Swimming Pool
Swimming pool water pump in swimming pool water treatment room